Sunday, 4 July 2010

Australia's on the Wallaby

For one reason or another (oh, OK, I've become acquainted with some Australians) I have recently become very interested in patriarchy, and how some countries, and indeed some countrymen, have the power to capture so many people hearts. I have encountered this before, with Ireland, which I think is a singularly beautiful and sad country. The people there have known so much war, it is hard to believe that they can be so full of love. I am, of course, generalising a lot, I'm sure there are some terrible Irishmen, but c'est la vie.
Anyway, back to Australia. As I said, I have met some Australians recently (and no, not all of them were so full of love) but they really cheered me up. I found them very inspiring. I also watched the film Australia, a Baz Luhrmann, which was, of course, fantastic, and I found the scenery so absolutely gorgeous that I really want to go!

I also found, through another Australian friend, this poem, or rather song. I am told it is an Australian folk song, and if you read the whole song, it's beautiful, but very sad. Rather like Ireland, in fact.

They say that I never have written of love, they say that my heart is such
That finer feelings are far above; but a writer may know too much.
There are darkest depths in the brightest nights, when the clustering stars hang low;
There are things it would break his strong heart to write do you think that I do not know?

Love, Peace and Slan,

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