Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Ta Daa!

This is a mysterious picture.
What could it possibly be, I hear you ask? What is that crumpled cloth at the bottom? Do I detect some very thin lines on it? *looks closer* nahh...

Oh! Oh, gosh! This looks like the same wall, except it has a strange, almost aboriginal-looking shapes on it. You know what, I'm sure it has some little lines on it...

"Can ye guess whaddit is yeet?" What a terrible Rolf Harris impression. But by now you're starting to get the picture. It looks like a painting. Of a girl...

You're shocked, aren't you? By my incredible artistic talents.
You're more shocked that I managed to paint the bloody thing on my bedroom wall.
Oh yes. :D

I was going to review a vintage fair, but then I decided that I didn't actually want people to know where I get my vintage gems from and steal my friends and families christmas prezzies, so I'm going to keep shtum until after the christmas one.

Love, peace and MURALS!!