Friday, 25 June 2010

Prom, and other Decadance

My prom is a year away, but I am already planning my dress. I despise the tacky satin dimanted numbers of yester-year, and have henceforth vowed to have a classier, edgier prom dress, however self-obsessed that may sound. I am unsure of whether to go down the classic, timeless route (and risk looking frumpy) or down the edgier route (and risk looking like a Courtney Love wannabe.)
On anyone else, this dress wouldn't work. Including me. Damn.
Ah! Another classic from Deschanel! Not quite vintage material though, methinks.

Ah, Chloe. You do The Mini so well. The Mini for prom - yay or nay? I like it...

...and I do like Mischa's dress here. Perhaps a flapper look, oui? (Please ignore Paris Hilton here, oh Lord, Paris Hilton is on my blog.)

I thought I'd include a little bit of sartorial legend at the end here. If only one could look as elegant as Ms Hepburn, in her black turtlenecks and 50s capri trousers. Sigh.

Love, Peace and Chic,

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  1. haha. '... and risk looking like a Courtney love wannabe' love it. Only a certain girl can pull off that Audrey aura we all dream of.