Sunday, 3 June 2012

People who say Coldplay are boring, have never seen them live...

"You know how I know you're gay? You listen to Coldplay."

This is a popular quote amongst my crew, (I can't even remember what film it was originally from!) used to describe someone who likes Coldplay.
Coldplay, for anyone who doesn't know, are a British band made up of Chris Martin (who's married to Gwyneth Paltrow) (also, when I went to a really posh pre-wedding party a few weeks ago (I couldn't go to the actual wedding, because Pippa Middleton went to that), the bride-to-be said that she used to go to school with Chris Martin, and that he was a super-musical, super-religious boy with white blond hair) Chris Martin's friend, a hairy guy, and a hot guitarist. They're commonly liked by Mums, homosexuals and Guardian-readers - in short, they are a boring band.
HOWEVER that said, Mr Megan is a massive, massive fan (what this says about my taste in men, I wouldn't like to say.) So massive, in fact, that not only did I have to buy him a Keep calm and listen to Coldplay t-shirt for Christmas, (he was mobbed my a group of girls last night, begging to take a picture with the t-shirt) but he also got a Coldplay tattoo. I know what you're thinking, oh my word Megan, why are you dating this guy, he sounds like a bell-end, but it actually doesn't look TOO bad...

It says "DREAMING PARADISE" if you can't read it.
Don't copy it, he'll kill me.

So, as he is a massive fan, all the albums, t-shirts, tattoos, naturally he wanted to see them live... having said that, when he told me he'd bought me a ticket, I was not excited in the least. I didn't tell anyone, the shame and embarrassment (and ensuing abuse) would have been too much to bear.
Yesterday, we arrived at the Emirates stadium in London - two true country bumpkins in the big city was not as disastrous as I thought it would be, however I did see Mr M looking a bit confused at the lack of tractors on the roads, and our short walk through King's Cross was accompanied by "would you look at that ceiling structure! Incredible!" (he's a carpenter.)
We queued up for EVER AND EVER outside the Stadium, then a bit longer for the loo, then loads longer once we were in before the support acts came on. We were neither impressed by Rita Ora nor Robyn, whatsoever, however as soon as Coldplay came on, the atmosphere completely changed!

Since I can't really explain why it was so good, apart from ALL THE LIGHTS AND THE FIREWORKS AND WRISTBANDS IN THE CROWD AND ALL THE TINY PAPER BUTTERFLIES THAT SHOT OUT, AND THE RAIN, WHICH KIND OF MADE IT BETTER, oh it was really, really good, so you can just look at the pictures... the first half are Mr M's, second half are from the Coldplay website, creds and dat.
If you haven't seen them and you get the chance, don't be a fool, go!

Love, Peace, and Viva La Vida,


  1. Glad you had fun and shit.
    The quote is from "The 40 Year Old Virgin". How could you forget. Graver was in that film.

  2. Blow me down with a feather, knew it was something like that!
    It was very fun. I'm just waiting for your blogpost about Mr Aleks now (;

  3. Sounds like you enjoyed the spectacle and production more than the actual music.