Tuesday, 26 June 2012

"If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance." ~Bern Williams

Well, most of June has sped by at a rate of knots, and I haven't got all that much to show for it, except a couple of pictures... I'm trying to take photos on my disposable camera, mostly because waiting for them to be developed is so fun.
Some Aussies have just arrived, and although we couldn't have one (we had other guests) it has been rather nice to have a little chat with them. Australians have a reputation for looking like this:

(I am aware that's Matthew McConaughey on a surfboard)
Sadly, they didn't quite live up to my standards, but their accents were still endearing.

I re-gingered my hair! Its lovely to be back as a redhead, people do look at you differently, I think. This is my bath after I first washed my hair... yummy.

I went to see Razorlight! Briiiiilliant band, they sound absolutely flawless live, however although I do like them, I was annoyed that:
a) They didn't play Fall, Fall, Fall
b) Johnny Borrell didn't smile
c) Johnny Borrell didn't take his clothes off

I saw my very lovely and very gay friend Jordan for a shopping trip involving many shoes... this isn't really relevant, I just wanted to include a ginger picture of myself.

I've had many cooking urges this month, one of my many creations being this gorgeous-looking pea soup. Recipe on request *winks*

I have resorted to frankly rather shocking emotional blackmail tactics in order to get my friends/family/bloke to take me crabbing. If you've never been, get down to Norfolk immediately. God knows we need the tourism.

After a horrific day of being ignored by bus drivers several time, I decided to make a giant chocolate fudge brownie to cheer myself up.
I succeeded.

Megan's go-to tracks of this month are as follows:
Alex Clare - Too Close (horrifically catchy, please forgive me)
The Only Ones - Another Girl, Another Planet
House of Pain - Jump Around
Jeff Buckley (the man, the LEGEND) - Yard of Blond Girls


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