Wednesday, 30 March 2011

This is a fairly shit sketch I did it a little while ago. It's a drawing of a statue that currently stands in Rome. The artist's name was William Wetmore Story, and it now stands at the grave that he shares with his wife. I'm not particularly fond of this drawing, but I thought it was quite topical.

I realise I haven't written in a while, and I'm sorry that my first post in about two months is going to be depressing, but I'm not going to write a cheery, petty little post at the moment.

Grief is a shitty, shitty thing. One might say that pain is something that unites each and every person on this planet, as they're all going to feel it sometime. Pain is also something that isolates you, that makes you different from everybody else. Your pain is never going to feel the same as anybody else's. Type "grief" into Google images and you'll find lots of pictures of people weeping in despair, head in their hands, a comforting hand on their shoulder. But that is not my experience of grief. Grief is what's left behind. Grief is a mother and father having to bury their son. Grief is the brother that is left behind trying to hold his family together. Grief is a business in ruins, a house in disrepair, a family revolving around a hospital ward. Grief is not knowing where to put yourself, not wanting to cry or think or break down. Grief is a pile of papers and sketches, of memories pushed under the bed where you don't have to see them. Grief is the relief that someone you love can finally feel no pain. Grief is the numbness that follows, the anger, the sense of injustice. Grief hides itself away and feeds on you like a parasite, and it rips families apart.

Sorry for being a bit of an emo fag here, folks.
My prayers and love go out to the people who need it most.


O 's follas gur líon do chroí dom grása, a stór.

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