Thursday, 27 January 2011

Something wicked this way comes...

I have just given my first performance as Malcolm in the Kinetic production of Macbeth - two more to go and I have to say, despite not being a "drama person" the buzz you get afterwards is unbelievable!
We are doing a slightly modernized, industrial version, where Macbeth is set in some sort of warehouse or old factory, we fight with broom handles and beat dustbins for rhythm, and the witches are "druggies." My costume (obviously forefront in my mind) is all black, with red braces and a red corset belt. And yes, I am playing the part of Malcolm, the King-to-be and lead soldier. In a corset belt...

In other news, I've been hit on by a twelve-year-old, and may or may not have indulged in some extra-activity in the interval of Macbeth, the repercussions of which I have a feeling I shall feel for quite some time.
Apologies for my lack of post of late, but it has been really difficult to access a computer (due to obvious reasons for busyness.)

Love, Peace and All things Shakespeare,

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