Friday, 8 October 2010

Sources of "Serendipicite."

Hello again.
So I was recently chatting to my friend (here's her blog, read it. It's good. Wow, free advertising, I am generous indeed) about her blog stats (I realise I sound like a bit of a blog nerd here, I promise you I don't spend all my time talking about my blog, as you can probably tell by the quality of the posts recently) of which she had something like TWO THOUSAND. I was, understandably, quite impressed by this. After having a bit of a moan ("aw, I bet MINE aren't like that, it doesn't even come up in a Google search!") she proceeded to tell me, in a typically blunt fashion, it was because I chose a stupid name.
This got me thinking about the name of my blog. It's french for serendipity, and the URL is another (French) way of saying it. I love the French language, and I love serendipity - finding inspirational things out of nowhere. So I have decided, for a few posts, to share some things that I accidentally found fascinating with you, my lovely readers (ahem, yeah, you're a pretty rare breed.)

This photo; A Sailor's Kiss. When a kiss isn't just a kiss, it's a statement - I'm young, I'm free, maybe I'm in love, or yeah maybe I'm just looking for a good time and a few raised eyebrows. I came across it when reading the newspaper (The Daily Mail, so petit bourgeois, I know!) in an article about Cigar Guy. It struck me as rather similar to the photo on my blog, which I love.

(By the way, I looked at my stats - 284. I was very excited that people from Denmark read my blog (DENMARK! I have to do a post on that...) and that someone from India looked at a post on their iPod. So yeah, don't be intimidated or anything, but if you look on my blog, I KNOW. Maybe next time you could leave a comment? Help a brother out? I don't really give out the URL too freely - I'm rather self-conscious - but apparently lots of people have got to my blog from searching for blogs from people that like Snow Patrol. Strange.)
Love, Peace and Serendipity,

PS) I just blogged about blogging. Apparently that's like committing a felony in Blogland.

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  1. 1. I love you
    2. It's not a felony to blog about blogging