Sunday, 18 July 2010

When I am Prime Minister...

1. I will change the set-up of Theme Parks so that only a certain amount of people are allowed in each day, but charge more, obvs. Then maybe you'll get more than three minutes of ride time without having to pay FastTrack!!

2. Drugs will be made legal. I know that's quite a controversial thing to say, but if those stupid kids want to screw their bodies up with Reefer and what-not, then it's up to them. Stop wasting police time.

3. Stop fighting. We've got boys and girls dying out there everyday for Christ's sake, and for what? So that, on a good day, they can maybe grenade a 13 year old Iraqi girl? OK, so I might not be the expert on this, but how can you not think that taking someone's life is wrong?

4. Gig prices will come down. Ditto festival.

5. All flasks will be quality tested before sale. Those things can be LETHAL if they leak!

6. All girls over 10 will be issued with an eyelash comb. Seriously, sort your mascara clumps out! And if you're under ten - why are you wearing makeup?? Take it from me, you don't need it.

7. All students will have obligatary Ray Charles time. At least once a year.

Obviously I'm having a little rant moment, apologies if I offended anyone, I tried not to. Opinions expressed.

Love, peace, and World Domination,

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