Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Drip drip drop, little April showers

I have been shit at blogging this month. However, my stats are at an all-time high... are you trying to tell me something?!
I am currently living on 4 hours sleep and 7 expressos a day, so please excuse me if this post is a little bit wank, I'm trying to fit April into one post, the lazy way.

It rained. Lots.

I became obsessed with my current art project, a 1960's spanner advert featuring, shock horror, a woman. I shot this photo, featuring my rather gorgeous friend Steve.

The tickets for Coldplay arrived, which is one of the many things getting me through the horrific revision period at the moment...

...which causes me to feel like this. These are my Intelligent Revising Spectacles.

Mr Megan also took me out many many places, including this little fjord thing during a rare sunny spell. It was quite cute, but he'd say "coot" because we're from Naaarfolk.

I managed to have a wild illegal party, where loads of things, including my house and my friends, got trashed. The 'rents weren't very happy, so Mr M bought me some flowers to cheer me up. They are sunflowers, so you know, kudos to him there.

Made this lovely-looking cake for my friends birthday, because I am skint, too busy saving up for Reading (woop an' holler!) It's got rainbow drops on the top and gay bacon around the edges, but I don't know if you know what gay bacon is... it's like bacon only multicoloured and made of sugar. Regular feed for the average poor student, at 38p a packet, or 3 for £1.
Why am I so poor?

We went to see One Night Only for the fella's birthday... credit where credits due, they weren't bad, but I was confused as to where the mosh pit was, until I was informed there wasn't one. What do you do at gigs with no pit???? Nod your head, I found out.

And lastly, two of my favourite men, Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol. Didn't that just make your day?

Love, Peace, and Mother-fucking A Levels,

P.S. Megan's songs of the month...
Fall, Fall, Fall by Razorlight
You Wish You Were Red by Trailer Trash Tracys
Sheila by Jamie T
Time to Pretend by MGMT
Cherry Cola by Eagles of Death Metal
High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive by Pulled Apart By Horses

That'll put hairs on your chest.


  1. Is that Steph? Fuck, that's a good photo.
    I love this post. I really do. And seeing the Warhol/Dali photo again made me smile. And the fact that you've been listening to Eagles of Death Metal.

  2. Yeah its Steph, ended up doing my final piece on a similar photo...
    And I am glad you like them, even though they make me feel lazy and stupid. Fucking love Eagles of Death Metal!! Going to see them in August boii (: