Sunday, 5 February 2012

So long January, we didn't get on...

So now it's February, hey? Took it's time really, I can't say January was a particularly enjoyable month. But since I have combed my hair (a remarkable feat, I can tuck it into my high-waisters now, and it takes a good 45 minutes just to get the knots out) and olive oil-ed it, completely tidied my house, completed that irritating 1,000 word story that needs to be in Monday (I cannot get it below 1,601 words. Shite.) organised my wardrobe set everything straight, I feel so much better.
I've booked my crazy bad hair do, and my tattoo is booked for Friday (eek!) Now I'm just chilling on my laptop, watching the snow fall outside and waiting for the boyfriend to arrive so that we can go, errr, play in the snow.

Outside my window.

Also, just wanted to share a few February songs with you, They're quite chilled, so don't worry about the screaming alerting your parents to your sudden death.

1. English Rose - The Jam
2. Far Away - Wolfmother (I adore this band, they remind me of my dad's 70's pyschadelic rock! They're tipped to play at Reading this year as well - yay!)
3. Higher Love - James Vincent McMorrow (this bloke is Irish, a little bit like Bon Iver, but has a really sweet voice. He used to do all the rock shit, before he like, found himself and all that. A bit mellow for my tastes, but I really like this song, I think it's a cover.)

Love, Peace, and February Fun,

P.S. Note the lack of mention of V-Day, the 14th. That's a whole other blog post, folks!

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