Friday, 22 October 2010

Casca il Mondo

There are lots of reasons why people join the army. Because they like guns. Because they want to fight for their country. Because they want to make a difference.
I, personally, think that teaching people how to kill others is morally quite sickening, and I have done for quite some time.

I do think that the bonds formed with fellow soldiers is really interesting. I'm also interested as to how these men and women deal with the psychological effects of war...
And as an aspiring journalist, maybe that's something worth thinking about.

When I am Prime Minister...

1. It will not be ten bloody thousand bloody pounds a year to study politics at Oxford, forcing people with moral values into considering becoming an army journalist (minimum enlistment four years, and I'm no Ross Kemp) just to pay the fees.

2. Glastonbury tickets will go on sale AFTER acts have been finalised, not before, in a totally illogical and ridiculously money-grabbing fashion. Maybe tickets will actually be available for more than four hours before selling out, as well.

3. More career options will be available to girls, so that when you go up to the British Sugar or RAF people and ask about engineering, they actually take you seriously. (I don't actually want to be an engineer, but that's beside the point.)

4. The educational system will be monitered so that people with aspirations, who work hard and actually defeat all odds and get decent grades at school, will not have to waste valuable lesson time whilst teachers have to deal with people who read Closer under the desk, saying things like "OMG look at Danielle Lloyds eyelashes when she has no makeup on, she looks like she has cancer," "OMG I asked The Wanted to kiss me and they totally all did, on the lips, except for one, who was, like, well stuck up," and my personal favourite "I WELL want to catch Bin Laden."

5. Paint brochures will have colour samples that actually resemble the colours once painted onto the wall/surface.

Love, Peace, and Shit-Scary Decisions,

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