Thursday, 3 June 2010

The Blank Page

I have decided that, having neglected my blog so awfully, I shall delete all posts and start again. It feels like the first page of a new journal - you sort of don't want to write on it, you want to keep it open to all possibilities. However, since I have lost my journal somewhere amongst my bombshell of a floordrobe, and probably won't find it until my birthday when I shall most probably get a new one, this shall serve for now. Hopefully I will be more vigilant with my blog this time around, and I hope to provide more vintage nourishment and inspiration!

First off, I have some serious car lust for a '69 Bug, specifically of the powder blue variety...

OK, so it's not perfect, but hey, it's got character! Also, it's pre-1971 so no car tax - definitely a plus. It's going on the wishlist!

I am also having trouble hunting down the ultimate tweed blazer - I love the Jack Wills one (OK, so it's Jack Wills, don't judge me!) but there are some gorgeous ones on Rok-it as well... What a shop, I don't live in London but I love their website, it's like clothing porn. More on vintage shops later - something may be in the pipeline there!

Love, Peace and Powder-Blue Bugs (:


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